joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Lady Gaga at Thierry Mugler

I really like Lady Gaga. I really do. Maybe i'm compelled by the illuminati stuff it's said she is doing, but i really really love her.
And then i see this:

Part of her Thierry Mugler fashion show. I see.
And them BAM.

i see this:

And this:

And i am really exhausted. As much as i appreciate the crazy fashion she's standing for(you really need some guts to dress like that in the middle of the day!), i must say a really big fatass NO to this. If i want to see a blonde raccoon i'll just go to a The Pretty Reckless concert.
Props for Thierry's shoes which i find absolutely stunning and innovative.
Here's a cut of Thierry Mugler fashion show

Love by Grace.

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