vineri, 15 aprilie 2011

Favourite accessories

These are my favourite accessories. Some of them are vintage (the bag and the earrings), some of them are made by me (the two spiked hair bands) and the rest of them are bought from random stores. But i still love them. so much.

joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Chateau California - Natalia Vodianova

Here is what i found in Vogue US. One word: Stunning


Miu Miu Fall 2011 :
I've declared my love forever to Miuccia this fall. and to birds. and glitter. and the '40s sunglasses. It's so girly yet classy yet combined with fantasy. I rest my case.
Here it is.

Lady Gaga at Thierry Mugler

I really like Lady Gaga. I really do. Maybe i'm compelled by the illuminati stuff it's said she is doing, but i really really love her.
And then i see this:

Part of her Thierry Mugler fashion show. I see.
And them BAM.

i see this:

And this:

And i am really exhausted. As much as i appreciate the crazy fashion she's standing for(you really need some guts to dress like that in the middle of the day!), i must say a really big fatass NO to this. If i want to see a blonde raccoon i'll just go to a The Pretty Reckless concert.
Props for Thierry's shoes which i find absolutely stunning and innovative.
Here's a cut of Thierry Mugler fashion show

Love by Grace.

Dear world

I find myself today editing my first post for the blog The Game Of Fashion. I find myself today inspired by fashion and by the essence of beauty. Because fashion and beauty are a part of every woman's life.

That is why i have to say: Dear world, stop giving us fakery and slap and blonde extensions. Stop giving us ugly dressed celebrities. Stop giving us Jessica Simpsons and Lindsay Lohans.
So here i am, again, editing this post. I will do what i do best. Criticize those who dare to screw with the sense of style, and praise those who don't.

love by Grace.